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The Team has been actively working in the development of crypto and blockchain products since 2015. With experience in IT security, audit and development of smart contracts and enterprise projects on blockchain, and with vertical experience on blockchain, crypto wallet creation, ICO / ITO / EIO etc. Exchange, KYC & AML development.


Chief Cypherpunk Operation


Smartcontract Suprematist




Crypto Supremacist Interfacer


Public Key Man


Anarchist Marketing Manager


Private Key Man


Information Composer

👾 About Us

More than 7 years of experience in the Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Gambaru was born from the experience gained in a startup founded in 2015 which then became part of a large company in Rome in 2019 and built in 2021 in an independent newco.

Ours is a cypherpunk team that sees in cryptography and decentralization the possibility of spreading and guaranteeing financial and individual freedom for each individual.

Passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies. Some of us have been actively working on it since 2015.

We have supported several projects and experienced many of the evolutions of this market that we know very well.

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